Lebanon Needs Your Help

By Yusra Butt

The August 4th blast that took place in Beirut, Lebanon shook the country to its core as it now faces reconstruction. Lebanon has experienced debt, poverty, and political instability as they have been through various wars. This small country in the Middle East has much more to offer than what meets the eye, however. They have welcomed refugees with open arms despite their economic situation and put humanity before their desires. Now, Lebanon needs the world's help.

With an estimated $15 Billion in damages, the country is primarily relying on aid from other countries. Coronavirus alone has been a major issue for the majority of countries around the world and Lebanon too is no different.

Quick History on Lebanon

After the Ottoman empire collapsed, Lebanon was under France's control from 1918-1943. Soon after gaining their independence, they welcomed Palestinian refugees while Israel took over Palestine in 1948. To this day Lebanon and Israel are at odds as Israel tried to advance into Lebanon's territory. Tensions gradually arose between the Palestinians that moved to Lebanon and the Lebanese militias. It comes at no surprise that the United States decides invading the Middle East will magically lead to stability when in fact it did not; hence why American troops left in 1984. After the 2000s, Lebanon faced corrupt leaders that did not bring change to the Lebanese people, however, a revolution has been on its way. Protesting for their rights became more common and hopefully will restore power to the people as new leaders can turn the country's current climate around. Please try to understand the history behind countries that don't get proper media attention or light cast upon them. There is more to Lebanon than the tragedies we hear of but right now what Lebanon needs is financial support from readers like you.
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